It is bright, airy, and cheery, I would recommend 21st Century Residential Care

Joyce was in Sebie and Santos’ care for about a week.  We expected she would be in care for much longer, but that was not to be. Santos was in charge of the business side, and Sebie provided personal care.  Both were thoughtful and caring.
Sebie is a trained RN and spent much time with Joyce.  This includes bathing and turning and feeding her.  She was ever looking out for problems or unusual conditions, like changes in breathing, appetite loss, skin anomalies(cuts, bruises, sores, discolorations), and worked to fix any problems.  She was in close contact with Dr. Mora, the house physician, to consult about new and pressing problems.
Sebie prepared Joyce’s food herself and brought it to a texture that was easy to swallow.  She used a special “food thickener” additive to liquids so they would go down easier.  Joyce especially liked sweet potato.
Sebie and Santos’ care home is in their own home, where the family live, a 2-story. It is new, less than 10 years old.  It is bright, airy, and cheery.  Patient rooms are on the second floor.  The house is at the end of a short residential street free of urban distractions like traffic, sirens, factory sounds, etc.  This certainly makes a more pleasant experience for the guests.  The house is fitted with a chair lift to allow those patients who cannot do stairs to come up and down.  However, this did not help with Joyce, who was completely unmoving, unable even to stand up by herself.  She had to be moved by two people using specialized equipment.   The chair lift also presents some difficulties to those who are walking up and down the stairs – the framework or rail for the chair lift extends from the wall out over the stairs themselves, greatly reducing the width for walking.
If you are looking for a quality personal care home for a loved one, I would recommend 21-st Century Residential Care.
Terence McGovern