Extremely high level of care

I have personally observed Ms. Santosh’s clinical practice, and I have significant (30 years) experience of working alongside several generations of RNs, in a large teaching hospital. I have only a few months experience with Ms. Santosh’s standards of care, but they were very difficult months; in terms of the impact on my life, as well as the clinical challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, during the spring and summer of 2020.
My mother, at the age of 93, was living in an assisted living facility, that was already practicing quarantine measures by March of 2020. She was experiencing intermittent episodes of dementia, and her cognitive status was worsening, as was her congestive heart failure. It was during that time that my mother fell and fractured her femur just below the hip. She spent 2 weeks in the hospital following emergency surgery, and 2 more weeks in an inpatient rehab. The exponential worsening of her dementia, and the loss of her ability to ambulate, and carry on the activities of daily living, led to my search for a location that could provide the best level of care. I was initially interested in Seibe’s status as a Registered Nurse, and a nursing school educator with advanced educational and professional credentials.
As soon as I met with Sebie, I was certain that her personal care home, and her qualities as a nurse and person, were the best possible combination to take care of my mother; during a period in which I had to have implicit trust in her, due to the ongoing need to isolate and protect a 93 year old invalid from being exposed to the pandemic virus. During the course of my mother’s stay with Sebie, we communicated often, and well. As my mother’s situation devolved into an “in home” hospice scenario, Seibe saw to it that the hospice nurses and physicians provided their services with the compassion and expertise that met Sebie’s, and my own, expectations. 
Throughout the final stages of my mother’s life, Sebie Santosh, RN provided an extremely high level of care, handled clinical situations with professional expertise, and demonstrated sensitivity and compassion that are a credit to her profession, and to her own humanity
Matthew Lewis