Extended Family


Our Father, Retired USN Chief Petty Officer / Hospital Medical Corpsman with 30 years of Naval / US Marine Corps military service and nearly 25 years of private Medical Laboratory service & Ownership, Charles D. Way has been a patient / resident at 21st Century Residential Care in Deer Park Texas for nearly 5 months.  Charles’ Care at 21st Century has been outstanding to say the least.  The Way Family has much confidence in the Professionalism as well as the Caregivers, the Management, the Staff and the Ownership at 21st Century Residential Care.  We feel confident that Charles Way, the Way family Patriarch, is in very good hands at 21st Century especially in the hands of Sebie and Santosh Chitriki .  We also feel that 21st Century has our Father’s best Interest in their hands.   Over the past 4 months plus, we have grown to love and respect Sebie & Santosh as well as their son Isaac and as a result, they have become a part of our extended Family.    21st Century has gone above and beyond what is normally expected as most care homes or even larger Residential Facilities.  We would much rather have our Father at 21st Century than anyplace else.  Our gratitude goes out to 21st Century Residential Care.


Jefferson E. Way